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CISN Cancer Research e-Training

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Welcome to CISN's cancer research e-Training and e-quiz Modules.


We are happy to provide a web-based training for patients, advocates and medical professionals who want to better understand cancer research. After reading the course content, six free online quizzes are available, complete with certificates that acknowledge your science training competence.

These certificates may be printed, saved and listed on CV's to document your training.


Quiz Introduction

There are six quizzes, one for each of the six web based course content sections (i.e Cancer 101, What We Know About Cancer, etc).

There are two versions of each quiz, the non-graded version and the graded version. The non-graded version and the graded version of the quiz for each web section use the same questions and answers. The sequence of the questions may change each time a quiz is taken.

If your organization is using this training as an educational tool to reinforce learning rather than to track your competency, the non-graded quiz is the preferred quiz.

Organizations that want students to achieve a specific passing grade should have their members take the graded version. Students must achieve 70% or greater on the graded version to receive a certificate. Organizations requesting their members to take the graded version may decide what percent they want their students to achieve. The percent achieved on the quiz is shown on the certificate.

Certificates can be printed, saved or emailed for record keeping. Please be sure to click on the course summary on the screen where you get your certificate to go to the learning objective answers. Print this and use it as a refresher when needed. Then click on “get your certificate” to print and save a copy.

This training is intended to provide a standardized baseline of knowledge that can be built upon by you and others.

Personalized Medicine
Recently Diagnosed
Cancer 101

e-Quizz Training Introduction



Non-Graded Quiz

These questions and answers are the same as the graded quiz but you submit your answer after each question or upon answering all questions on a page. The answers are identified as being correct or incorrect. If your answer is incorrect you should choose another answer until you receive a “correct” response.

At the end of the quiz submit and finalize all answers. You will see a certificate of completion with a grade of 100%.

On the final page print your certificate and save it to your computer. Also, be sure to click on the link that takes you to the course summary to get the learning objective answers. Print and save the objective answers and refer to them when you want a refresher.

Graded Version of Quiz

Individuals will go through the quiz, answer each question, submit their answers after the last question is answered and receive a percent score on their certificate. Students must achieve a score of 70% or higher to receive a certificate. The certificate shows the percent score achieved. An organization must determine what percent score they want their member to achieve. If a student receives a score less than the organization requirement the student may take the quiz again until they reach the percent required.

Intended Audience

e-Training/Quiz1-Cancer 101 is intended for advocates, patients and anyone else who would like a basic understanding of what cancer is. Everyone is encouraged to start here as vocabulary and basic concepts are introduced at this point.

e-Training/Quiz2-What We Know About Cancer will test your knowledge of cancer at a more advanced level. It includes questions on basic biology as well as advances in cancer research including the "OMICS" revolution and personalized medicine.

e-Training/Quiz3-How Cancer is Studied is designed to test your knowledge of each field of cancer research including their methods and tools.

e-Training/Quiz4-Drug Development is designed to test your knowledge about the drug development process including target identification, the regulatory process and the stakeholders involved.

e-Training/Quiz5-New Horizons in Cancer Treatments is designed to test your knowledge about the recent advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment plus the new tools needed.

e-Training/Quiz6-Personalized Medicine is designed to test your knowledge of personalized medicine including ethics, tissue donation and molecular diagnostics.

Free PowerPoint Training Documents For Patients,
Advocates and the Community

As medical research continues to bring new advances to health care, it is important for people to understand them. What is personalized medicine? What are clinical trials? What is targeted therapy?

CISN provides e-training for patients, advocates and medical professionals who want to better understand these topics as well as cancer and cancer research.

There are free downloadable PowerPoint Training documents that summarize the information in each section that advocates can use to take the information out into the community. There are also Trainer Guides for each section that provide presenter talking points.

Once you pass the graded version of the quiz, you can download the PowerPoint Training that summarizes the information in the section you just completed plus a Trainer's Guide. Go to the certificate page and click on the e-Training Summary link.

Once you get to the e-Training Summary page you will have an opportunity to fill out a request form and download the PowerPoint Training and the Trainer's Guide. We have designed this PowerPoint as a stand-alone training that can be conducted by you.

With the PowerPoint Training you will receive a slide deck of about 46 slides with notes at the bottom of each slide and a Trainer’s Guide of additional talking points.

These documents are the property of CISN and can only be used by cancer advocates for in-person or webinar trainings with no fee charged to recipients and no funds received by the trainer.

These documents cannot be sent electronically to third parties.

If advocates would like to have us conduct this training for their group before they take it out into the community please use the CISN web site contact form submission to make this request. We will charge for this aspect.

How to Begin

1) Read course content:

Our website houses the course content for all six courses. Feel free to take notes and stop and start as your schedule permits. Click on the links below to go to web based content. Cancer 101 and Personalized Medicine are stand-alone sections. The other four sections are the first four sections under the Research heading.

You or your organization will determine which courses will meet your needs. See the “Intended Audience ” information earlier in this introduction.

Research Section Index - A handy reference tool that can be kept open for easy access to all the pages within the research section.


2) Decide which quiz to take:

For each section we have two versions of each quiz, the non-graded quiz and the graded quiz.

If you read all course content and want a quiz that reinforces learning click on the non-graded quiz. On the non-graded quiz you must submit answers after each question or each page of questions to continue through the quiz. If any answers are incorrect you must correct them. When you finish the quiz you will have all answers correct and a certificate that shows 100%.

If you have been instructed by your organization to take the graded quiz, click on that one. The questions are identical although they may not be in the same order. You will answer each question and submit answers at the end. The quiz will be scored and you will receive a certificate if you score 70% or greater.

Feel free to take these quizzes ‘open book'. That is, keep the web content open and reread as needed or refer to your printed copy if you download the content earlier.


3) Getting Started:

At the end of each of the six sections is a link to Click on this link to go to the CISN e-course login page.

If this is your first time at this site read the “Is this your first time here? “ section information and follow instructions and prompts.

Once you register you cannot change your registration information on the Profile or Edit Profile pages as they are for administrative use only. Please do not use these pages.

When you complete your quiz and click on “Get your certificate” please note that you must hold the cursor near the bottom of the certificate screen to see the Print/Save icons.





Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to read the content of each section?
About one to two hours depending on your background knowledge.

How long are the quizzes?
The quizzes are 25 to 30 questions each and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to read through and complete one quiz.

How do I get a certificate?
Once you complete a quiz there will be an opportunity to print out a certificate or save it to your computer.

How do I change a quiz answer?
The ungraded quiz requires you to submit the answers as you proceed through the quiz. You can submit answers for each individual question or each page as you complete the answers on a page. The correct answer will then be shown. You can change your answer if it was wrong. Please do not click on “submit and finish” until all answers are correct.

On the graded quiz you will answer each question through to the end. When you submit the quiz the quiz will automatically be graded. The organization requesting you to take the graded quiz will determine the passing grade. If you do not achieve a passing grade you may retake the quiz.

How do I contact support?
If you have any questions or need help, please contact us here. You can also find this link using the "Contact" tab in the website's top menu bar above.

How do I provide feedback on web content or quiz content?
We are interested in your comments. You can leave feedback here. You can also find this link using the "Contact" tab in the website's top menu bar above.

Quiz Comments

We are interested in your opinion of the quizzes. Please click here to send us your comments.


Latina Navigator Training

The purpose of this training is to provide non-English speaking or limited-English speaking Latina women with trained navigators (Promotores) to assist them as they meet with their doctor about treatment choices including clinical trial options.

The training consists of a training for Navigators in both English and Spanish and two letters in English for patients, one explaining clinical trials and one explaining tissue donation.

Click here to go to the Latina Navigator page.




The CISN web content in the "Cancer 101" section and "What We Know About Cancer", "How Cancer Is Studied", "Drug Development" and "New Horizons In Cancer Treatment" subsections of the Research Section were reviewed by National Cancer Institute personnel to verify that the information was current, accurate and complete.


CISN would like to thank the following people for implementing and managing the NCI review:

  • Shannon Bell, MSW, Director, Office of Advocacy Relations
  • Dominic Francese, MPH, Operations Coordinator, Office of Advocacy Relations


CISN would also like to thank the following NCI personnel for carrying out the review:

  • Sanjeeve Bala, MD, MPH, Clinical Fellow, Medical Oncology Branch
  • Nadine N. Bewry, PhD, MPH, Cancer Prevention Fellow
  • Kristin Fabre, PhD
  • Miranda Hanson, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer and Information Program
  • Brandy Heckman-Stoddard, PhD, MPH, Cancer Prevention Fellow, Division of Cancer Prevention
  • Liang Huang, PhD
  • Adeola Makinde, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Radiation Oncology Branch
  • Karobi Moitra, PhD, Cancer Inflammation Program
  • Geraldine O'Connor, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Laboratory of Experimental Immunology
  • Elizabeth Read-Connole, Ph.D., Program Director Cancer Etiology Branch, Division of Cancer Biology
  • Brid Ryan, PhD, MPH, Visiting Fellow, Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis
  • Katie Stagliano
  • Christine Tomlinson, PhD
  • Qiou Wei, MD, PhD, Laboratory of Cancer Prevention


We and all members of the public are grateful for the efforts of the NCI in ensuring that they receive correct information.


CISN would like to thank AstraZeneca, Genentech, Lilly and Pfizer for their contributions that made this module possible.





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