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This section of the website is targeted to meet the needs of medical professionals (doctors, nurses and other staff), advocates, cancer patients, and other individuals interested in the science of cancer research.

This information can be used as a refresher training for medical professionals, an in-depth training for advocates, or a resource for cancer patients who want to know more about cancer biology, the research process, drug development and new targeted therapy agents.

As survivors who work to better understand the research process, we feel it is imperative that others have the opportunity to do so as well. This training is provided here to fulfill one of the objectives of our non-profit organization.

We know that today’s treatments were yesterday’s research ideas. It takes time, money and dedicated individuals to translate that promise to reality.


No previous background is assumed, and each sub-section can be read individually.

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This section of the website will contain the following sections:

Tips For Navigating The Research Section

Because this portion of the website is so large, we wanted to include a few tips on how to move around this section.

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Cancer 101
Latina Navigator Training

1. Search Index

We have a developed a separate “SEARCH INDEX” that is set up like the index in a book. It lists all of the sections and subsections and provides links directly to that content. This index is located on the right side of the page and can be accessed right under the word “RESEARCH”. Click on the index and leave it open while exploring this section.

Research Section Index


2. Training

For those who plan to use this section as training, you will want to start at the beginning and move through each section sequentially.

  • Click on "What We Know About Cancer" and after reading that page

  • Click on the first subsection: Basic Cancer Biology

  • Scroll through the first page and then click on next page number until you have finished that section

  • Click on 'back to What We Know About Cancer'

  • Click on 'Advances in Cancer Research' and continue as before following prompts at the end of each page.

  • Continue to move through each main section that can be seen and accessed on the toolbar at the far right side of the page.

  • You can see where you have been by looking at the top of the page at the "You are here" headings. These are all active links so you can find your way back by clicking on them if you want.

  • If you get lost just click on the research index


3. Resource

If you plan to use this information to look for specific topic information:

  • Click on the ‘Search Index’ link found on the toolbar at the far right

  • Click on the topic you are interested in

  • Leave the index open in a separate window so you can continue to skip around

  • Because this information was developed to serve as a training, terms and principals are introduced early in the ‘What is Cancer’ section. Do not be discouraged if you skip around and do not understand a topic. Use the glossary in our resource section and the index feature to find the topic earlier in the layout.

  • If you are a cancer patient, make sure you read Cancer 101 before you read this material, as we define terms and principals in a very clear and understandable manner there.


The Importance of Research

We hope the content on this website helps you understand how important cancer research is to each of us. If we have helped you – please help us, by donating to our non-profit so we can continue our efforts. All of your donations go directly to programs that help cancer patients and/or their families. Cancer research becomes a public policy issue as Congress and the President set budget amounts. You can find out more specifics about the public policy piece of
this from individual non-profits listed in our resource section.


More Information

Much of the material in this section is based on excellent educational material available on the National Cancer Institute (NCI) website, specifically in the tutorials at:

and the fact sheets available at:


Other useful sites include:



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