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Recently Diagnosed


If you or a family member/friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer or one of the many other cancers that are diagnosed each year you are probably wondering what do I do now? You are probably scared, overwhelmed and in shock.

These emotions are all normal. You will slowly move through them and eventually even past them.

We at CISN are all survivors ourselves and have been there. We understand your feelings and designed this website to help you and those that love and care for you.

This section of the website has been designed to help you as you move through the various stages of the cancer process.

We will have the following sections under the recently diagnosed heading to provide you with needed information. These sections are accessible by using the righ-thand navigation bar as well.

Other sections of the website will help you better understand what cancer is (Cancer 101). We also have sections on Survivorship, Research, Advocacy, Our e-Training Services, Inspirational Topics and Resources.

Please explore our website and know we wish you well.

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Recently Diagnosed
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