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Welcome to a very personal section of our website that offers hope, inspiration, humor and joy. All are written by cancer survivors or their loved ones.

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“For those dealing with a health crisis, hearing patient stories effectively communicates information about treatment approaches, medical advances, coping strategies, and other tips for navigation.

Human-interest stories create a connection between the subject and the reader, as well as leave a lasting impression.

It is about the human spirit...”

Quote from Jeannine Walston, cancer survivor and major content writer for this website.


We hope/believe that the emotional burden of cancer can be lightened by connecting to other people with the disease. This section of the website is our gift to you.

An Invitation to submit a story, poem, joke or art

We would love to hear and publish your personal stories, art or poetry.

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Recently Diagnosed
Cancer 101

Submission Guidelines:

Please attach articles and image files to an email and send to:

We reserve the right to ask for revisions to ensure that the content matches our mission statement to provide information but not recommendations.

We also reserve the right to decline using your submission if we feel it does not match our mission statement.

Please read and adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Length: 500 -2,000 words (poems may be shorter)

  • Pictures: Encouraged – they may be topic focused and/or your portrait or organization. If they are topic focused please be sure that they are in the public domain or you have purchased the rights to use them.

  • Topic: You are free to write about any aspect of cancer advocacy, research, clinical trials (no specific trials please) or the patient experience.

  • Identification: You will be identified by name, title and affiliation. For those who chose to write more than one article we will also include a short narrative biography.

  • Links back to you: We are happy to provide links back to your Organization and request that you provide links to our website in return.


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